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COVID-19 Safe Scouting

COVID-19 Safe Scouting

UPDATED 1st November 2020:-

Following the governments announcement for the Country to return to lock down for one month, we have reviewed our plans for the next 4 weeks. Although we are awaiting formal guidance and confirmation from the Scout Association; speaking on behalf of all leaders, we feel that meeting virtually for this period using Zoom is the safest way forward by reducing the likelihood of cross infection between our members and their families (young and older).

Over the past week or so our section leaders have spent time working on the next half terms programmes. These would have been a blend of Zoom and Face to Face meetings, so albeit at short notice we will rework our plans to accommodate the current circumstances.  In summary 5th Crawley will operate with the following virtual schedule-

5th CRAWLEY Colony/ Pack/ Troop Sections Evening Times
Beavers Three Bridges Monday 18.45-19.45
Beavers Maidenbower
Cubs Three Bridges Tuesday 19.00-20.00
Cubs Maidenbower
Scouts Three Bridges Thursday 20.15-21.15

With no number constraint attending Zoom meetings, we have decided to run Beaver sessions jointly on a single night and similarly for Cub meetings. We have reviewed the badge needs for many members and adjusted the programmes try to accommodate as many needs as possible. We will run Scouts at the later time as we did in the summer. In line current practice Section Leaders will notify activity, log in and timing details in good time before the weekly session. Meetings only commence when there are 2 leaders on-line. Please also refer to our new website www.5thcrawley.org.uk where we will start to post updates. We will also use OSM to provide programme updates.

We appreciate that Zoom doesn’t work for everyone however at the moment we feel it is the safest option. We know that if a parent join sessions with their child this often overcomes any concerns they have. We also recommend that parents are on hand (eye/ear shot of calls) to assist and keep an eye on things especially with our younger members.

There are some members that are due to be invested and we will endeavour to do this virtually. We will also present other awards on line when gained. Regarding uniforms these can be purchased via Scout Shops Limited(https://shop.scouts.org.uk/). The Group provides the T Shirt, Scarf, Joining Badges and Woggle for £15.00. Our Leaders will discuss this with you nearer required time. Monthly subscriptions still need to paid to help us cover ongoing running cost such as annual membership fees, rent on our premises, insurances etc.

As we are dependent on national rules and the valuable support of our volunteers I am sure you understand that we will need to be flexible over coming weeks. On behalf of all Leaders and helpers thank you for your patience and continued support.

Eddy Hills , Group Scout Leader 5th Crawley Scout Group

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